Thanks to its young and dynamic structure, IHK HOLDING is proud to provide a generous working environment in which each of its companies and employees can put forward their creativity through approaches creating a difference with an innovative and unique attitude.

We do not refrain from any effort that makes sure our corporate identity is embraced and lived.

We adopt the principle of always being the pioneer in initiatives that open new horizons. We aim for these initiatives to interact, synchronize and reach the top of their sectors with joint effort.

We prioritize the offering of innovative and affordable products to Turkey and overseas by benefiting from the creative vision of our human resources.

The achievements of our initiatives in service, agriculture, renewable energy, advertising and marketing communications take their strength from our modern management mentality.

We know that hands reaching for the sky will never come back empty as we continue to prize and value the creative intellect of our human resources and to embrace and apply modern management and operation principles.