The sun and wind will give us energy for millions of years.

Over the past decade, Turkey has become one of the fastest-growing economies and energy markets in the world. The privatization of power generation assets will be complete in the next five years, meaning a clearly competitive structure and new horizons for growth. IHK Holding wants to increase investments in renewable energy resources.

Awareness of our renewable energy initiatives BORAS and SAMAS is increasing more. By transferring industrial know-how from The Netherlands, we can offer consultancy and facility management services to solar energy companies.

Construction of a 2-MW solar energy farm is continuing apace and commissioning is approaching the near term. As encouraging government policies supported by affordable energy tariff guarantees pave the way for IHK Holding and other investors, we believe we will have no difficultly achieving our hydro, wind, sun and geothermal energy goals. And our efforts regarding environmental friendly biomass energy continues rapidly furthering our aim to be one of the leading organizations in Turkey and the world recovering energy from waste